Sunday, December 2, 2007

A genuine danish Julefrokost - Held in the states!

Since Andreas danish boyfriend Kristoffer was visiting, we decided to try throwing a danish christmas party. The party was to be held at her place and we had invited a lot of her friends.
The menu was supposed to consist of whatever we could find in the local supermarket combined with some stuff Kristoffer and Morten and Nicholas had brought from Denmark. (A special thanks to Nicholas and Morten who didn't get any food in return for their efforts, since they left before the lunch date.)
The guys had brought three bottles of Snaps and some red cabbage (Rødkål).

Having done all the shopping we started cooking. This took us all day, but when we finished, we could present the following dishes:
Pork roast (flæskesteg) with a brown sauce, sugarpotatoes and the red cabbage. We also had Smoked salmon on home baked bread and danish meatballs (frikadeller) plus a couple of different salads. And for dessert we served rice porridge (risengrød) and rød grød med fløde (there is no english translation for this one).

To our great surprise, people enjoyed everything we served - even the sugarpotatoes (which lots of danes - including myself - never learned to cope with).
We had thrown a little honey into one of the bottles of snaps, and chilled them in the freezer. This really helped people getting over the infamous 'snaps barrier' and they all yelled 'SKÅÅÅL!'

After way too many shots of Snaps, we moved on to another party. I think most of the Americans were surprised by the sudden effect of the snaps, because most of them left the second party early.

It had been a great night. It was very nice to expose Americans to such a weird part of Danish culture, and succeeding as well as we did. I can only recommend throwing an event like this if you are staying in a foreign country during christmas time.

More pictures of the Christmas lunch

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