Sunday, September 16, 2007

A lovely visit

Friday the 7th AK (my girlfriend) came all the way from Australia to visit me. She is an exchange student at Australian National University in Canberra, and she has been there since the beginning of July. She stayed here for a week, and it was so good to see her again. Being more than two months since she had left for Australia, we had really missed each other.
We hung out all week, though I had to go to the lab during the daytime, and we even managed to do a one day trip to Boston on Thursday (where I had a day off).

Boston is a great city. Even though we only went for a day, it felt like we got a pretty good overall impression. Besides getting a glimpse of every part of the inner city, we also accomplished to check out Harvard University (which actually looked at bit like good 'ol Brown). Of course Boston has a lot more to offer than what can be seen in one day. And since it's only an hour away from here, the city has definitely not seen the last of me.

Anyway, AK and I went back from Boston in the evening, completely worn down by all the walking. We spend the rest of out time enjoying the company of each other, until she left last Saturday. It was pretty hard to say goodbye again, knowing that we would have to wait three more months to see each other again.

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Clement said...

Rigtig godt med dine billeder til bloggen -og hvor ser I glade ud. Vi glæder os til at høre mere.
Knus daddyold